These are from the day we put up the swingset/clubhouse.

It was on the warm side (understatement) and we couldn’t resist the lure of the ice cream truck.  That is my excuse for the state of grossness on the boys faces and shirts.  They bathe once a month, whether they need it or not. I promise.Jeremia was asking to phone home.

When I drove the play set home I had red velvet Christmas ribbon dangling off the end of the longest beam.  Conrad was hamming it up with the frayed bit of ribbon.  He is quite clever and had me in fits.


His nose.

His hair.His mustache.

Then Ami, all hopped up on sugar, started whining “Why does Conrad get to have all of the fun with the ribbon?  When’s my turn? whine, whine, whine.”



So Conrad begrudgingly shared.

Ami grew bored quickly and Conrad got his beloved ribbon back.

My hands down favorite, the goatee.  He did a little voice that suited this expression perfectly.  Maybe he will grow up to be an improv actor.





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4 responses to “Improv

  1. Cami Reeves

    Wahhhhh….where are the pictures…some are missing! How cute that they found such good humor out of one piece of ribbon. I love that!!!

  2. Cami Reeves

    Scratch that…I guess my computer is slow. I see all the pics now…LOL!

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