I Heart Tucson

I love the desert

Yes, I do!

I love the desert

How ’bout you?

Sure it’s hotter than all get out, but it’s drop dead gorgeous. And the monsoon clouds make my heart pitter patter.

We have been hiking and exploring a lot!  Somewhere between 6 and 7 it stops feeling like your skin might melt off and becomes quite pleasant outside.

These were all shot this week just around the corner from our house.  I like the feeling of living somewhere between the city and the country.  I have always been torn between the convenience of city life and the pull of nature.  I think we have found the perfect compromise.

Der and I were fascinated with the moss.  We are simple folk.

Sometimes hiking provides a nice, budget friendly, break from the kids, and other days it is a great way to have family time.  Both are equally important.

They kept trying to stop and wait for me and I kept shooing them on.  I love that they are all wearing different colored bright shirts.

Everything had a pink cast on it this day.  We made it home about 30 seconds before the clouds burst.

The shot above was facing NorthEast and the shot below was West, obviously, and were taken about 5 minutes apart.  It’s just crazy how different the view of the sky is depending on what direction you are facing.

We love it here!




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8 responses to “I Heart Tucson

  1. Teresa Dunkin

    Beautiful pictures! We were in Tucson for a conference years ago and just loved it…so different from West Virginia scenery. We really enjoyed the Sonora Desert Museum, especially the hummingbird aviary.

  2. Tawny

    Those are breathtaking views! Catcus is very big in our house. We have 3 plants we bought outside for my cactus loving niece. (We live in Florida, nothing like that around here!) I want to visit AZ one day, hopefully next summer. The last few years my friend and Ihave traveled to an MLB city in the summer to watch a baseball game and I told her next year I want to go out west to either Arizona or Colorado.

    (Incase you’re wondering how I stumbled upon your blog.. I’ve known of your family since 2006 from Christi Thomas’ website. I saw your boy’s face and had to find out more about him, who wouldn’t love that cute boy? 🙂 Just never really posted much but checked on your family from time to time.)

    • I tend to kill cactus. Colorado is also gorgeous and not so hot.
      Benny got a lot of fans through Christi Thomas’ site. Thanks for sticking with us through all these years. Boy that Benny sure is cute!

  3. Great pictures Amy, I really enjoyed the post.

  4. Cami Reeves

    What beautiful pictures. I guess I can’t blame you for not wanting to leave there. XOXO

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