It doesn’t feel like that many, but sure enough, this is my 1ooth post. I can hardly believe it! I am having a ton of fun and I hope you are too!  Simplywe provides the push I need to scratch my artistic itch. I am so proud of this here blog and so thankful to have readers!

So to thank you for giving me incentive to create:

A giveaway!

I decided weeks ago what it should be too.

A $20 gift card for Target.  

Everybody loves Target!  Right?!

I love their clearance.  We even have a system to ensure we hit all of the end caps.

Too enter simply leave a comment telling me what your favorite kind of post is and/or which post has been your favorite.  You have until midnight Saturday, when I will select the winner using a random number generator.

Good luck!



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18 responses to “100?

  1. Teresa Dunkin

    I enjoy seeing the posts that show your family doing fun things together, such as hiking and craft projects. In this day & age when families are so busy with work and so many other things, it is nice to see a family enjoying each other and having fun.

  2. Wanda Ladely

    I love the posts about the family. It lets me keep up on the progress of the boys since I am so far away. I cant beleive how big the boys have gotten since I left. You and Derek haven’t changed that much but I look forward to your posts and love them.

  3. I too love the family posts (cuz I am all about family and I love hearing about you and yours..) But, those posts regarding food, man those hit the spot! In this economy we need a way to stretch the dollar and what we buy-and lady you have given some GREAT IDEAS! Cilantro frozen into cubes, who would have thought. Regardless, thank you for letting us into your life and being lucky enough to call you friend.

    • Family is a great thing! I will do my best to keep the food ideas coming. We love good food and lots of it, probably too much, in this house!
      Thanks for continuing to come back!

  4. Mary Michaluk

    Hard to choose which post I liked the best but one that sticks out in my mind is the one where you all found the frogs. Those little frogs sure were cute and you all seemed to be having so much fun. I can’t believe100 was the number of posts and not the day time temp! Keep going girl.

    • That WAS a great day! We were having a blast. I am not gonna quit anytime soon. Thanks Mary! I should get you a set of pom poms because you are such a great cheerleader!

  5. Kelsey Shirley

    I love all of the art projects you do with the boys! It inspires me to let my son get a little more down and dirty! I actually love them all (brown noser) because it kinda gives me a peek into your world! Ps. Still in love with your chickens!

  6. Terrie Frailey

    I love anything you write. You make me smile! My favorite post was the one about your collection because I’m an avid collector of many strange things. My favorite collection is my antique head vase collection.

  7. I like to read about you and how you take good care of your boys. I also like the fact that we have a connection with the awful Cword. We have come along way from smoking Camel’s walking from Arcadia to your house. Plus your entries are short and sweet!

    • Thanks Andy! We certainly HAVE come a long way. My lungs for one are grateful! The C- word is an A-hole, but it does have a way of bonding people like nothing else.

  8. Cami Reeves

    I like the posts when you talk about how much you love your big sister…haha!!
    My next favorites would be the posts with the family updates and pictures. I love that it is like a little window for me to see what you are doing in Tucson while I am all the way over here.
    I love you sweetie!!

  9. Joan Kellogg

    I loved the post with the storm clouds, the one talking about why you love where you live. I loved the picture of your men as they were walking together.

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