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Ami has been experiencing presidential treatment.  Lets hope it helps him recover quickly.

He is having a lot of discomfort.  His prescription liquid pain medicine tastes terrible.  I haven’t tasted it, but it smells rancid.  It is a testament to how bad his throat hurts that he is willing to swallow that crap.  Poor baby.

Having a miserable, sick 5-year-old, who doesn’t want to talk, nested on the couch, is extremely familiar to us and I think it has struck us all.  We are talking tonsils here not cancer thank heavens, but to come around the corner and see Ami, who looks so much like Benny, looking miserable, tugs at all of our hearts for so many reasons.

Conrad is bored without Ami and it reminds me of Jeremia wanting to play so badly with Benny and Benny just not having the energy to.

Jeremia was sitting with Ami letting him play his gameboy, and rubbing his head, perhaps this ability to baby his brother through the healing process will also help Jeremia heal his own heart a little.  I can hope.

We moved Ami’s mattress into our room so I can have him close.  He slept really well last night.  He didn’t experience any apnea, which is what we were hoping for so I am grateful.

I have been pushing fluids like a crazed woman.  It is easy to become dehydrated, because swallowing is so painful.  I have been making him Gatorade slushies, which keeps him hydrated and soothes his swollen throat.


We try not to use disposable stuff, but these cups were too cute and perfect for making him feel special. This was yesterday when he was still talking.  He was like “I can have a drink in the family room?!”  like I was trying to trick him or something.  It’s normally such an unbreakable rule.

The recovery nurse gave him a stack of cool stickers for being such a great patient. I thought he would save them, but he stuck them all to his shirt at once, which I thought was super cute.

Here is his attempt to show me his lack of tonsils.  He thought he had his mouth open wide.

He is enjoying being in charge of the remote.

Yesterday consisted of Kai-lan and Spongebob.  Today it’s Nascar….who knew.


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Ami is having a tonsillectomy tomorrow.  We are hoping this will end his sleep apnea.  He will be home from school for the week.  Which means serious schedule juggling going on up in here.  Not the best timing, but in my defense I did try to get him in for it during the summer break.



I am not looking forward to that little guy being in pain, but I will be standing by with Tylenol and lots of cold treats.  Here’s hoping for a smooth and quick recovery.

On another note I fear that this blog is going to suffer from neglect while I adjust to our crazy schedule, bear with me and remember I love you all!



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Burr and Andy

First, a note about the top photo.  It’s a long story, but I am having photo/memory issues, as in too many photos not enough space for them all.  I was shuffling stuff around trying to make room and have misplaced the usual pic.  I need to shoot a new one with all of us anyway, but haven’t found time.  I will get to it….eventually.

On to todays regularly scheduled program….

I recently had the pleasure of shooting engagement photos for a really great couple, Burr (Amber) and Andy.  We have known Burr since 2005, when she became Benny’s volunteer.  She would come once a week and see Benny at home or in the hospital and they would play games and hang out. Burr and Benny quickly bonded and she has become a part of our family since.

Burr is very special to all of us and recently became engaged to awesome Andy.  They are a smokin’ hot couple, with beautiful souls to match, so when she asked if I would take photos for engagement announcements I happily and humbly accepted.

I learned how much more I have to learn, but we had fun and I took a ton of shots.  These are some of my favorites.

B & A walking away

B & A frame 5

B & A frame

B & A parking lot

B & A blue & brick 2

B & A blue & brick

B & A perverted

B & A brick

B & A bench2

B & A adorable

B & A

B & A sunset7

B & A saguaro park 3

B & A saguaro park 2

B & A saguaro park




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This Bug’s Life

Bug is a pill.  She is the hardest dog we’ve ever had to potty train.  She eats everything.  She is a big chicken, afraid of her own shadow.  She doesn’t really come when she’s called, unless food is involved.  All that said and we love her to pieces.  She is super entertaining and between her bug eyes, her sound effects and her wild and crazy antics she is always good for a laugh.

Bug and Nilla play all day, everyday with small breaks for recharging in between.

Though I supply lots of toys to keep them entertained, much like kids, it’s the simplest things that they seem to like the most.

Today’s favorite toy was a stick.

Bug wins the stick fair and square and protects her stick from the evil stick stealer, Nilla.  Bug lets Nilla know what’s up.

“This is my stick.” Bug waits and watches to ensure Nilla isn’t trying some sort of stealth maneuver.

Being a smallish dog with a very squished face, she takes a moment to catch her breath.

Maybe another moment or two.

and “Look at my stick Mom!  Isn’t it awesome?”

and then “Die, stick, Die!”


but “Wait…..Is that…..My boy?!”

“Who needs a dumb ole’ stick when you’ve got your boy?!”


She will stop just about anything to be with her boy.   They are like PB & J!  Happiest together.

If Conrad gets hurt or if anyone raises their voice at him, Bug barks nervously until she is certain her boy is ok. She loves him so!



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Time Management?

I start school tomorrow.  I am super excited and very hopeful that I will be able to manage my life schedule effectively.  I still want to blog and help out at the boys’ schools and hike.

I helped in Ami’s class yesterday and he told me that he was proud of me for it.  The cuteness kills me in the best possible way and makes me want to be there every day.  I am helping in Conrad’s class tomorrow.  My Monday and Wednesday classes are at night so that leaves the days open for helping in the kids’ classrooms.  My Tues, Thurs. and Fri. classes are before lunchtime and will leave me a few hours of study time before the kids get out of school.

I have a lot of things that I want to be doing, and am trying to be careful not to overextend myself.

I will spend this semester at Pima Community College and start at U of A in the spring.  I graduated from Pima in May ’10, but am taking some credits at Pima that will count towards my Bachelor’s at the U.  Doing it that way will save some serious fundage.

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, hiking is our new favorite pastime. I want to do it every day.  There aren’t enough hours in the day and I require way too much sleep for me to fit everything in, but I am going to do what I can and call it good enough.

Here are some shots from our afternoon hike in Tucson Mountain Park on Sunday.

Being in nature is good for my soul.

These photos don’t do it justice.  The smell and the sound are equally important and impressive.

These dark boulders are jagged and sharp. It’s crazy because they don’t look like it and then you set your hand on it, or say, lean on it for a picture and you are made painfully aware of how jagged they are.

We will be back there this weekend. I hope you aren’t tired of desert photos.

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Happy 12th Birthday Jeremia!

Or as he likes to be called these days. Ja-mon-ja-moe.  Don’t ask me why.  I remember asking everyone to call me by my middle name (Elaine) in 7th grade and then, after I tired of that, I changed the spelling of my name from Amy to Aymee for 5 years.  When Derek and I got married I went back to the simple old way.

Anyway Jamonjamoe turned 12 on Saturday.  He had a good one.  It was pretty simple.  Just the usual presents, pick what’s for dinner and cake.

We let him open up his presents first thing in the morning since it was Saturday.  I hadn’t even gotten his streamers hung up yet, but who cares about streamers when there are prezzies?

First he opened his cards that he had patiently been saving.

Legos, Star Wars and Nerf are huge in this house.

That is one giant Nerf gun.  It should have come with ear plugs for me though.

Taco Bell was his choice for dinner.

TDerek used a new frosting recipe, that was hard to work with.  He also misunderstood Jeremia’s cake request.  Jeremia wanted a turtle biting a lego guy and Derek thought he wanted them fighting.  The candles for light sabers is brilliant!  Jeremia loved it.

Happy Birthday Jamonjamoe!  We love you to bits!


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Happy Weekend!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.  I know I am.

The sunset yesterday – orange you glad I shared?




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