Ice Painting

I saw the idea to paint with ice cubes here on Pinterest.  If you haven’t checked Pinterest out, you should. I think it’s beyond cool and if you like it you can follow me.

Weeks ago I popped these watercolors out of their tray.  After I was done playing with them I broke them into thirds.  Then I dissolved them in water, in ice-cube trays.

I also made some trays with food coloring.  I put them in the freezer where they sat untouched for a few weeks.  When I got tired of all the space they were taking up, I was motivated to “get our craft on.” 

I found a cute “how to draw a bird” photo on Pinterest. Seriously, you should go check it out, but not before you finish this post.  I am feeling bossy today.The boys and I drew our birds with oil pastel.  Pastels are fun to use with water-color because they repel the water.

I told them to try to fill the whole page.

Looking back I should have just let them do the birds in pastel.  The cubes were fun to paint with, but would lend themselves to a project like “Easy Thank You Cards For Kids” much better.

They, as I am sure you’ve guessed, are super messy.  

 It was way hot outside so it didn’t take long for that bowl of cubes to become green soup. I just dumped the cubes out onto the table. It’s not like we were going to ruin our sheet table cloth.

Ami and Conrad experimented with letting the cubes just melt on the paper.

Jeremia’s rebel birds.

The one below with the pink mohawk is his oldest brother Keegan. And the one above is Keegan’s girlfriend.

We laughed about how the punk rock tails look like farts.
Conrad’s reminds me of Angry Birds.  I love the beak and the cross hatching on the wing.
Ami wasn’t feeling it. He kept telling me he couldn’t draw.  I kept telling him that, that is never a good excuse not to try.  As it is I happen to love his skinny little bird.
 I really like the yellow background of mine.


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6 responses to “Ice Painting

  1. Terrie Frailey

    Amy, you do the coolest crafts with your kids! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  2. Cami Reeves

    What a super fun idea. I bet the boys had a blast!!

  3. Kelsey

    Wow that looks so fun! And great for all ages!!! Did you use regular paper or water color paper? I am going to have to try this!

    • It is great for all ages and I have a feeling Max would love it! Michael’s has pads of decent watercolor paper for $1. Well they did a few months ago when I stocked up, I haven’t been back in a bit, but I hope they still have them. It wasn’t a sell item.

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