Homemade Batik Wind Sock Craft

I saw this project at www.artprojectsforkids.org.  It’s a great resource and is put together by an art teacher who has loads of experience. Click here to see her tutorial.  If you like batik fabric, but don’t want to mess with the ironing the crayons out of the fabric this is a great way to do it. In true “Amy form” I read it and then just winged it.  Have I mentioned I have self diagnosed ADD?

So here are the pics.  If you want to try and have any questions message me.

This is what it looks like with the dry glue.  I went over each line twice because I wanted to be sure the white would stand out.

I set out 7 different colors and each color had it’s own paint brush.  If someone was using red you had to wait your turn.  This was a lot easier than reminding them to rinse their brushes in between each color and having to change the water constantly.  I will use this method on all future projects.

Conrad waiting for blue.

I watered down the paint in their original (almost empty) containers and mixed the other colors in my favorite salad dressing jars.  I love Lighthouse Caesar dressing and the jars are perfect for so many uses.

This was a big project so I helped each of them finish painting their fish.  They would tell me what color and where and I followed directions.

When they were all done I put baggies and rubber bands over the lidless jars to preserve the paint for another day.  The jars had lids once upon a time, but I tossed them in an attempt to de-clutter.

After they sat and “cured” for a day or so I soaked them in hot water for a few hours.  I would churn the water whenever I walked past.  They rinsed out much more easily than I had anticipated and I was pleasantly surprised at how vibrant they stayed.

I lay them flat to dry and then sewed them closed, and hung them.

From left to right, Conrad’s, Jeremia’s, mine and Ami’s

They took longer to make than I figured, but I just went with the flow and didn’t stress about it. We had a lot of fun and I love them.

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