Happy 12th Birthday Jeremia!

Or as he likes to be called these days. Ja-mon-ja-moe.  Don’t ask me why.  I remember asking everyone to call me by my middle name (Elaine) in 7th grade and then, after I tired of that, I changed the spelling of my name from Amy to Aymee for 5 years.  When Derek and I got married I went back to the simple old way.

Anyway Jamonjamoe turned 12 on Saturday.  He had a good one.  It was pretty simple.  Just the usual presents, pick what’s for dinner and cake.

We let him open up his presents first thing in the morning since it was Saturday.  I hadn’t even gotten his streamers hung up yet, but who cares about streamers when there are prezzies?

First he opened his cards that he had patiently been saving.

Legos, Star Wars and Nerf are huge in this house.

That is one giant Nerf gun.  It should have come with ear plugs for me though.

Taco Bell was his choice for dinner.

TDerek used a new frosting recipe, that was hard to work with.  He also misunderstood Jeremia’s cake request.  Jeremia wanted a turtle biting a lego guy and Derek thought he wanted them fighting.  The candles for light sabers is brilliant!  Jeremia loved it.

Happy Birthday Jamonjamoe!  We love you to bits!


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2 responses to “Happy 12th Birthday Jeremia!

  1. Oliwia

    Just stopping in to wish Jamonjamoe a VERY SPECIAL 12th Birthday … I am glad to read his day was special. Love the cake also 🙂 !

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