Burr and Andy

First, a note about the top photo.  It’s a long story, but I am having photo/memory issues, as in too many photos not enough space for them all.  I was shuffling stuff around trying to make room and have misplaced the usual pic.  I need to shoot a new one with all of us anyway, but haven’t found time.  I will get to it….eventually.

On to todays regularly scheduled program….

I recently had the pleasure of shooting engagement photos for a really great couple, Burr (Amber) and Andy.  We have known Burr since 2005, when she became Benny’s volunteer.  She would come once a week and see Benny at home or in the hospital and they would play games and hang out. Burr and Benny quickly bonded and she has become a part of our family since.

Burr is very special to all of us and recently became engaged to awesome Andy.  They are a smokin’ hot couple, with beautiful souls to match, so when she asked if I would take photos for engagement announcements I happily and humbly accepted.

I learned how much more I have to learn, but we had fun and I took a ton of shots.  These are some of my favorites.

B & A walking away

B & A frame 5

B & A frame

B & A parking lot

B & A blue & brick 2

B & A blue & brick

B & A perverted

B & A brick

B & A bench2

B & A adorable

B & A

B & A sunset7

B & A saguaro park 3

B & A saguaro park 2

B & A saguaro park




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5 responses to “Burr and Andy

  1. Great job! I am stealing some of these ideas….

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