Ami has been experiencing presidential treatment.  Lets hope it helps him recover quickly.

He is having a lot of discomfort.  His prescription liquid pain medicine tastes terrible.  I haven’t tasted it, but it smells rancid.  It is a testament to how bad his throat hurts that he is willing to swallow that crap.  Poor baby.

Having a miserable, sick 5-year-old, who doesn’t want to talk, nested on the couch, is extremely familiar to us and I think it has struck us all.  We are talking tonsils here not cancer thank heavens, but to come around the corner and see Ami, who looks so much like Benny, looking miserable, tugs at all of our hearts for so many reasons.

Conrad is bored without Ami and it reminds me of Jeremia wanting to play so badly with Benny and Benny just not having the energy to.

Jeremia was sitting with Ami letting him play his gameboy, and rubbing his head, perhaps this ability to baby his brother through the healing process will also help Jeremia heal his own heart a little.  I can hope.

We moved Ami’s mattress into our room so I can have him close.  He slept really well last night.  He didn’t experience any apnea, which is what we were hoping for so I am grateful.

I have been pushing fluids like a crazed woman.  It is easy to become dehydrated, because swallowing is so painful.  I have been making him Gatorade slushies, which keeps him hydrated and soothes his swollen throat.


We try not to use disposable stuff, but these cups were too cute and perfect for making him feel special. This was yesterday when he was still talking.  He was like “I can have a drink in the family room?!”  like I was trying to trick him or something.  It’s normally such an unbreakable rule.

The recovery nurse gave him a stack of cool stickers for being such a great patient. I thought he would save them, but he stuck them all to his shirt at once, which I thought was super cute.

Here is his attempt to show me his lack of tonsils.  He thought he had his mouth open wide.

He is enjoying being in charge of the remote.

Yesterday consisted of Kai-lan and Spongebob.  Today it’s Nascar….who knew.


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2 responses to “Recovering

  1. Joan Kellogg

    I am so sure there is a sense of deja vu to this… I hope he recovers quickly.

    Love you, Joan

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