Origami Turtle Thank You Notes

This is not an origami tutorial just a look at how we are trying to make thank you cards something the kids want to do, not something they dread.

I racked my brain for weeks trying to think of a good thank you project for Jeremia and finally just reminded myself “keep it simple stupid”.  Then I wasted a bunch of time trying to find a turtle (Jeremia’s favorite animal) origami tutorial that I could follow and then my brain woke up and I asked Jeremia if he already knew how to make turtles.  He looked through his origami book and found a pattern he liked.

I cut a bunch of construction paper with my old-school-style paper-cutter.  He chose the colors and the order.

The first time I cut the paper, I subtracted an inch from the last.  That wasn’t enough size difference to show up wel,l when they were folded.

So I recut them with 2 inches of difference.  I think they could have even stood to be 2  1/2″ apart.

To say that Jeremia is not a fan of writing, would be an extreme understatement.  Battles have been had on the subject, so in an interest to keep this fun for all parties involved, I let him keep the writing to a minimum.  He folded 12 turtles over 2 days.




He taped the bottoms because he said it helps to curve the shell.

I put them as carefully as I could into some extra card size envelopes I had.  They were somewhat pillow like.  I hope they all got to where they were going without any issues.

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