Tortoise Time

Say you missed me. 😀

I sure missed you!

Life has been crazy lately.  So last night, 2 hours before the refund deadline, I dropped a class.  I feel like a Lame-o, but it had to be done.  I went from 12 credits to 9, and feel much less overwhelmed.

I am working on my very first piece of fiction, for my short story class.  It’s so much fun.  The power of it! All this time I have been writing my life, bending to reality, but now if I want it to rain, it rains.  The possibilities are truly endless and I am stoked.


We had a fantabulous weekend!

Thanks to the glorious Reeves family, we now have a new family member.  His name is Gary.  He is kind of wonderful.





He’s supposed to be for the kids, but I go out there several times a day just to rub his shell and talk to him.  I can’t tell if he likes it or not. He probably wonders if the crazy lady has anything better to do.  Actually  he’s the real reason  I dropped the photo class- I just needed more Gary time.



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4 responses to “Tortoise Time

  1. Joan Kellogg

    I missed you. How is tonsil-less boy???

    I love Gary.


  2. He went back to school for the first time today. He is doing great.
    Thanks Joan 🙂

  3. Kelsey

    Gary is gigantic and fantastic! Im sure he appreciates that you dropped your class to spend more time together… you know how those tortoises love having their shells pet. 🙂

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