Conrad’s 7th Birthday!

Conrad and I had a little impromptu photo shoot on Tuesday, which also happened to be his birthday.  I should try to remember to do this with all of the boys.  It was fun.



Such an adorable little duck.


Classic Conrad.


Conrad is quirky, funny, talkative, energetic, and very matter of fact.  He eats his cereal with a fork and slurps his milk after.  He has a rationalization for just about everything and he makes me laugh and want to pull my hair out daily.




His presents consisted of Nerf and Lego Starwars and cash which he will undoubtedly spend on more of the aforementioned items.

He chose Golden Coral for dinner.  I generally try to avoid buffets, because I have issues with not knowing other peoples hand washing practices.  That’s my problem, not his, so I sucked it up and tried not to think about it. Since the Coral has dessert we agreed to do cake the next day.

For his cake he chose funfetti cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.




Here he pauses to ask what the proper birthday wish protocol is. “Do you wish before, after or while you’re blowing the candles out?”



After all that thought, he finally blew the candles out 0ne-at-a-time.  Then he said “Awe man!  I forgot to make my wish.”  We told him it would still count if he hurried up and made it.  What a goofball!

In other news, I forgot to update that Ami is doing well.  He went back to school yesterday and seems to be almost back to normal.  We still have to keep him away from crunchy/sharp food for another week. He hasn’t had any apnea, that I have seen, since the surgery.  This makes me so very happy!


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8 responses to “Conrad’s 7th Birthday!

  1. Burr

    Tell them to stop getting bigger!! Or they need a sister… I’m just sayin’!

    • They don’t listen to me. I agree, they do need a sister. We just need to find someone who is willing to give us their baby girl, because I am not incubating anymore.

      • Kelsey

        I have a little girl on the way that you can have if she is as naughty as her brother was as an infant!

      • Keegan cried, was colicky and miserable for what felt like forever. He was always sick and fussy. I was so nervous Jeremia was going to have a rough time too but he was a quiet, pretty content baby…except when he had RSV, but that was brief. Maybe your little girl will be the complete opposite of Max-eroni. Either way I will take her, but you will just want her back…so selfish.

  2. Joan Kellogg

    Here I am for my daily fix of ‘boys’ since I have four daughters!

    So cute. I have so loved watching your boys grow up…


  3. Kelsey

    Love the pictures Amy! See, I can totally see that you had something to do with making this baby! He looks like you… maybe its the funny faces 🙂

    On another not what setting do you use to take good pics in the dark with the candles?

    • Thanks Kels. His personality is definitely more like mine and JP’s more like Der too.
      Since I had to drop my photo class to get more tortoise time, I am still using the good ole P setting you told me about. I just tried to frame it so the light shined on his face and made him look at me. I kept saying “ok, just one more” poor kid was so patient. Oh and I made sure to hold the camera as still as possible.

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