Last week was conferences. Jeremia is doing really well and has joined the science/math club.  He doesn’t get his love of math from me.  He said he thinks it will be helpful to him in becoming an engineer.  I concur and am impressed he is thinking about his future and how to attain his goals.

Ami and Conrad both are being tested for the gifted program.  They both are doing very well and there is minimal whining about homework.  I prefer none, but a little is way better than a lot.

I feel like a slacker for not being more diligent and posting more.  Conrad asked me the other day when we were going to do another project.  Soon…I hope.

Actually I have a super long list of things to do and blog.

Just a few are:

Have Conrad do thank you cards for his birthday still.

Find Halloween crafts and then do them.

Blog my homemade fried rice.  Der says it’s his new favorite recipe of mine and it’s so simple.

Sit down and figure out who I want to pay to store my photos online.  grr

Maybe tomorrow I will share the short story I wrote…



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