Viva Las Vegas! Part 1

Vegas was super affordable for us.

We don’t gamble and we don’t drink.  It’s not a religious thing. We just don’t care for either one.  That fact along with these:

~~~We didn’t have to pay for gas because Der drove a company car.

~~~We got a super, mega, fantastic rate at The MGM Grand.

~~~We brought 50% of our own food.

~~~We took in all of the free shows and sites.

meant we were able to do the whole trip, for a family of five, on less than $300.


The boys looking at the airport while we waited for the hotel elevator.  We were on the 23rd floor.


Our comfy room.


Ami said the mean queen in the picture “freaked” him out.

The lion habitat at the MGM was amazing.  The trainers actually get in there and interact with them.


This is what it looks like to be standing in that plexiglass tube.



Then we went to the M & M store.


I love, love, love these guys!


Right next door in the Coke store, the Coca-cola bear was super cute.  He could blink and wiggle his ears and kept pretending to eat everyone’s head.  He had us all laughing.


As we were leaving that store a father who was leaving gave us 2 game cards for Gameworks. The boys got to play all of the video games they could handle for free, until I got bored about an hour later, and we passed the card onto another family, with the hope that they would do the same when they were done.




Conrad and I amused ourselves while we waited for the others to finish their games.


Then we went back to the hotel for some pool time.  I wasn’t brave enough to take my camera with me though.  After a late lunch and rest we went back out to the strip.

More on that tomorrow.

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