Viva Las Vegas Part 2


I forgot to post this one yesterday.

Earlier today the photos weren’t loading for yesterday’s post.  Only the links for Flicker were showing.  I am sorry about that.  It does that without warning and for a reason I cannot figure.  When it happens I have to go back and re link all of the photos.  I think I have fixed it.  If you continue to have problems please let me know. Thanks and sorry if it has caused any displeasure.

There is so much to see.  We could easily have stayed several more days in an attempt to see it all.


We walked all over the place.  I can’t remember where all of the photos were taken.


So many different kinds of “fountains”


These were cool water tornadoes.



The street performers were crazy-cool.



These stairs were gorgeous!


Conrad’s still talking about the chocolate  fountain. He says he wants one.  Don’t we all?!


The Bellagio ceiling.  Do I look tired?  I was exhausted.



The fountain show at the Bellagio was a hit.  It was Ami’s fave.  We watched it twice. One of the songs was Elvis’s Viva Las Vegas, to which Ami danced the moves from Just Dance. Talk about cuteness overload.

We had a fantastic trip.  It was fun, educational, overstimulating and wonderful.

There truly is no place like home.

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