Photo Thank You Card

First I took shots of Conrad blowing a kiss.  I had him hold the pose for a couple of shots each and then chose my faves.



A better mom than me probably would have made their kid wash his hands first.  I am hoping the dirty finger nails and “Dynamite” stamp add character though.


Then I uploaded my photos to Snapfish and created a 4×6 collage print.

For 6 prints, I paid a grand total of 56 cents (I was lucky enough to catch a free shipping sale). 5 of the prints were to mail as cards the 6th was for us to keep.


When the prints came I cut sticker paper into sheets that were ever-so-slightly smaller than 4×6.


Conrad loves to color so I just let him draw whatever he wanted.  The only requirements were that he write his name and thank you.



He did a great job and I love how all of the drawings are different.  Then he told me who got what drawing, I stuck them on the backs of the photos and we sent them off.

The hardest part of the whole thing was getting the stickers squarely and smoothly stuck to the backs of the photos, that’s why it helps if they are slightly smaller than the print.

I can pretty much guarantee that I am going to do the same with all of the thank you cards from now on.

Now you try!

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