Bugtoberfest 2011

We went to Bugtoberfest this weekend here in Tucson.  It’s an annual Volkswagen car show put on by Chircos.

You’d be hard-pressed to find nicer people. People we’d never met were chatting with us like we were long time friends.  There was a great sense of community.

We met the mayor on accident.  The first car we stopped and looked at was a westie. Years ago, we had one just like it. We were talking to the owner of it when some random guy told me I was talking to the mayor of Tucson, Bob Walkup.


It is shameful how little attention I pay to politics. He seemed like a nice man and had a good handshake.  He graciously posed for a photo with the boys.


I love red and turquoise.


Jeremia and his friend Brian were discussing which ones they would own when they grow up.  JP was wearing one of Der’s old VW shirts.  He was so proud to get to wear it.






Rust is so cool and I love the drive-in speakers.





We went inside to get away from the heat.  It was nice in the shade, but out in the open sun was too hot.


This awesome bucket of rust is a split window.  They are coveted and rare.


I don’t know it’s story, but I can imagine it sitting in an old broken down barn in the middle of nowhere.  It was somebody’s lucky day when they stumbled upon it.


If you tried to sit in it, I’m pretty sure you’d fall straight through.

I think I like them best when they are old and dirty.  The pretty’d up polished ones just make me worry the kids are going to lean on them.


Derek in his element.  This stuff makes him giddy. He is chomping at the bit to get his squareback dug out from his mom’s backyard.  He and Jeremia are going to work on it together, so I am sure you will hear more about it in the future.

As far as hobbies go, I think this is a good one for Der.  I and am excited for him to get back into it and hoping with all of his connections that it will be an affordable one.

Maybe next year I will be posting pics of the square at the show.

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