A Note From Conrad

Yesterday, when I picked Conrad up from school, he was writing something I wasn’t allowed to look at.  He folded it between his other papers and told me not to look. In the car he asked for a pen from my purse so he could finish.  He told me, when he handed me the finished note, to ask him if I couldn’t read something.  I did pretty good and only needed help with a few words.



According to C it should read as follows,


Mom I

love you.

This is

me Conrad

I hope you

like this note

you’re fun to

play with and

you make good

food.  If

you like this

note yes or


I melted right there.  My heart turned to mush.  Done for.

And here are some pics of Conrad entertaining us with bits and pieces he found while driving in the car another day.




He was born to perform.


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