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56 stamp pads for $8!


Oh the fun we are going to have!

Thanks to Goodwill and the extremely organized person who donated them.


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Pernilla And The New Additions

Pernilla doesn’t have anything to do with the new additions, but she’s a jealous chicken and I didn’t want to create any animosity.


Baby chickens don’t like have their pictures taken nearly as much as Pernilla does.



Is it just me or do chickens always look perturbed?!


In about 7 months we are going to triple our egg production.

This should make friends and family happy.

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Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeders

Yet again, Pinterest is the source of this fun project.  The boys told me I should be an art teacher and all wanted to know how I come up with all of these crafts.

What did mom’s do before the internet?  I don’t remember.  I do know it wasn’t this much fun though.


In this house we eat Jif, but birds don’t care so we used generic.

Since we have tons and the birds already eat it anyway, we used chicken feed instead of buying birdseed.






Jeremia says butter is his favorite form of peanut.  I tend to agree.

He and Ami were both eating about as much as they were spreading.  Conrad said it was gross.  Whatevs Conrad!



He’s licking his fingers, not the TP roll.


When they are sufficiently coated just tie them to branches with ribbon, yarn or twine.


I can’t wait to watch the birds eat them.


While I was putting all of the supplies away, Bug did PB detail.  She’s such a naughty dog, but has her useful moments.


She went running as soon as she saw me.

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Happy Gobbler!

I am thankful for:

this blog



plenty of food to stuff ourselves

a great house

fantastic kids

and an amazing husband


Yesterday Conrad’s class made these. I came by to help.  They were all whining that it was hard, but they turned out SO cute.  The fingers are stuffed with tissue paper and popcorn in the body.

I hope that you all have an amazing turkey day!  What are you thankful for?


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Spray Paint

is a thrifter’s best friend.  This post would be more effective if I had before pictures, but I don’t, so use your imagination and maybe I will get my act together for next time…..


He was a dark charcoal color. So much cuter in yellow.


These are some kind of straw.  They were cool looking in their natural color, but are so much better now.


Spray paint makes things POP.

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Paper Beads

About a year ago I made a bunch of paper beads.  I had seen them somewhere and set out to see if I could make them myself.  I got pretty good at it and started making them like crazy…until I got a little too confident with my xacto knife skills and realized too late that my beloved finger was in the way.

I didn’t lop off more than an eighth of an inch, but it was enough to make me see stars and make me wary of exacto knives.  To look at the finger now you can barely tell anything happened.  The scar is pale and shiny and if you look closely you can see that my finger tip is not as round as it should be. It still feels tingly when touched.

For a long time after that I couldn’t look at an exacto knife without feeling queazy, so my bead production ceased.

My recent paper making adventures has reminded me how much I love working with paper.  So I pulled out the old beads and some rusted bells (not the ones I posted  a photo of a few days ago) and got to work.

I love them so much I may start making bead again.  My fingertips tingle at the thought.







I am thinking of donating them to Water for Christmas Etsy shop. Funds raised go to clean water and sanitation projects in Sierra Leone, West Africa.  I heard about the program last year at Whatever.  I promised myself I would help this year.

Clean water is something I take for granted.  It’s hard to imagine a life where I couldn’t provide the most basic life-sustaining things like safe water for my kids.

I am donating 3 of the 4.  I have to price them.  They are between 13 and 15 inches long. What’s a fair price?  I am horrible at pricing stuff.


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Painting With Bubbles

I saw this idea here on wonderful, glorious, brilliant Pinterest.

Pinterest overflows with inspiration. If you haven’t been yet, check it out.

Just add food coloring to bubble solution and presto, you’ve got bubble paint.

I set out big scraps of water color paper in the front driveway, that way the dogs wouldn’t be treading all over it.




Don’t wear clothes you care about when doing this project.  Bubbles WILL pop on you and the food coloring stains.





The kids were itching for a project.  This one was perfect because it’s so fast.  I was kind of cranky that day.  A cranky mom can ruin a good craft project.  I know.  I’ve done it. Not on this day though since mixing the bubbles through clean up all took less than 30 minutes.

Now I just have to figure out what we are going to make with the pretty paper.  Ideas?


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