Tucson Comic Con 2011

It was a fun, inexpensive and a quick adventure.  It cost a total of 9 bucks for all of us.  We were there for about an hour.

Jeremia wore his halloween costume and fit right in.  He needs a hair cut.  He wants to grow it out, because he thinks he looks older with long hair.  I have been trying to play along, but it’s driving me batty.  We will see how much longer I can last.


That robot was remote controlled and way cool.



Some of the costumes are so detailed.


It’s hard to take photos indoors with no flash.  You have to hold the camera so still and whatever you are taking a picture of can’t move. I wish I had the patience to take more/better shots.


Derek bonded with the zombie dummies.  I think he was getting inspired for next years haunted house.

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