Santa Cruz River Park



One of my favorite things about Der is how quickly and easily he makes things happen.  I mentioned Saturday afternoon that I would like to go for a family ride along the river.  An hour later he had flat tires fixed and full of air, helmets gathered and bikes loaded up.  Simply because I said it would be fun.

And it was fun!



Tucson has been having some seriously gorgeous weather.  Have I mentioned how much we love it here?


Conrad only gave me a heart attack once when he lost control of his bike, panicked and headed straight for the railing that divides the trail from the drop off into the river bed.


Ami is hooked on training wheels.  They don’t help him other than to make him feel safe.  If we could just convince him to ride without them I know he would do great.  The trouble is he only recently started to ride his bike WILLINGLY. Any ideas on how to get him enthusiastic about riding without them?

The 2 shots on the path I took with my camera phone.  There was no way I was taking my good camera on the ride.  I am captain clutz and gravity has it out for me.

We tried to get an impromptu photo when we got back, but that proved harder than you’d think.  It was quite comical.


This is the best of 10 and it’s blurry, but you can definitely tell we had a good time!

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