Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeders

Yet again, Pinterest is the source of this fun project.  The boys told me I should be an art teacher and all wanted to know how I come up with all of these crafts.

What did mom’s do before the internet?  I don’t remember.  I do know it wasn’t this much fun though.


In this house we eat Jif, but birds don’t care so we used generic.

Since we have tons and the birds already eat it anyway, we used chicken feed instead of buying birdseed.






Jeremia says butter is his favorite form of peanut.  I tend to agree.

He and Ami were both eating about as much as they were spreading.  Conrad said it was gross.  Whatevs Conrad!



He’s licking his fingers, not the TP roll.


When they are sufficiently coated just tie them to branches with ribbon, yarn or twine.


I can’t wait to watch the birds eat them.


While I was putting all of the supplies away, Bug did PB detail.  She’s such a naughty dog, but has her useful moments.


She went running as soon as she saw me.

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