Ornament Wreath

I finally made one.  I have been seeing them for years.  There are tons of tutorials online.

I think it’s adorable. There is no way we aren’t going to break it. I will be shocked if it makes it to next year, but I had to try.  Plastic would be smarter, but didn’t feel like it would be as cute.


Aside from the hideous tile backsplash, I am loving our mantel. And all but 2 things in this shot were thrifted!


Filed under Feeling Fartsy, Goodwill, Let's make things pretty.

4 responses to “Ornament Wreath

  1. Joan Kellogg

    If you’re going to break that ANYWAY, why don’t you just go ahead and send it on to me? Let me know if you need my address. HaHa

    Love the mantel. I am horrid at thrift shopping. I never find anything. I think I need to try harder and get the hang of it!


    • Joan I used to hate Goodwill. It was too frustrating and I didn’t have the patience. Der would suggest we go and I would groan and whine. Then one day we went and I kept finding one cool thing after another. I’ve been hooked ever since.

      Thanks for the love! I have no doubt that you could make one too. They are easy peasy.

  2. T'Ann Love

    Love the mantel. I have always wanted one of those ornament wreaths…maybe I should try that this year?! Thank you for the inspiration!

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