So Many Projects, So Little Time

I am a bead making fool.  It’s really cool to see how many different kinds of beads can be made with paper.



I sit and watch netflix on my computer while I make them.  Over several days, I watched every available episode of Parenthood.  Such a good show.  When I look at certain beads they remind me of the scenes I was watching when I made them.

Now I am looking for bells to hang from the beads.  I wish I had metal working tools because then I would just make my own.  Looks like I will be mail ordering some, because I haven’t been able to find very many at thrift stores.

I have a long line up of crafts for the boys to do.  I hope you all aren’t tired of seeing us make stuff, because I foresee lots of crafting posts.

I didn’t have internet for 3 days last week.  You would have thought I lost a lung or something.  I used the extra time to prep some of the more involved projects we will be working on so at least I made good use of my time.  Keeping busy helped fend off some of the withdrawal.  It’s pitiful how hooked I am.

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