Old Into New

I have a new favorite thrift store.  It’s St. Vincent De Paul.  They have the kind of stuff you’d find buried in your grandma’s attic.  Long lost awesomeness.  This is the kind of stuff my dreams are made of.


I found this case of 200 Davidson Star D vintage glass slides and they called to me.  They were well worth the $25 I paid, though I had to gag the tightwad in me while I paid.  I struggle with paying more than a few dollars for anything at the thrift store, even if it’s amazing and totally worthy of the asking price.  More than once I have been too cheap/stubborn to get what I want.  I leave empty-handed, only to come back for my hearts desire the next day, and find it gone to someone sharper than I.  This day though I listened to my gut and I’m so glad I did.

I have been filling the slides up with bits from vintage books found in their 10¢ bins.


You will be seeing these in my, soon to open, Etsy store.


I’m so excited and having a ton of fun!


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