We tried to enroll the boys in sports this weekend.  Conrad and Ami in soccer and Jeremia in flag football.  I could write an essay about the trip to crazy town we experienced as we tried to get them signed up, but I’ve spent enough time trying to wrap my brain around the whole debacle.

Let me just say that on no planet will we let any of our kids play for a coach who says

“I yell a lot. I yell at the kids to run faster, or I will cut their heads off, but they know I won’t really.”  

What the what!?

He said that while his wife stood there nodding and smiling.  Living in that house must be tons of fun. 😦

Derek and I were dumbfounded.  We kept asking each other if that really just happened.  The sad answer was yes…yes it did.  To avoid that giant bucket-o-crazy we have decided instead to do family sports on Sundays.

Today we went to the park rallied up some of the kids there and all played kickball.

I was too busy playing kickball to take shots of the games, but here are some from before and after.


Der warmed some of the kids up with dodgeball.


And some kicking practice.




Jeremia helped Ami and Conrad get drinks from the water fountain.




He kept turning the water up high so it would shoot them in the face.  That’s what siblings are for.


Der showed Jeremia he still has skills.



No trip to the park is complete without playground time.




The kids circle around to discuss the rules of freeze tag.

It was a gorgeous day.  We all had a blast and not once did anybody threaten to cut anyone’s head off.


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2 responses to “Bucket-O-Crazy

  1. Joan Kellogg

    That’s so ridiculous. I was relieved when my kids stopped playing the soccer. Some of the parents were HORRIBLE. If you have Upward in your area, that is a great program. They do learn a scripture at practice, but the main thing is, everyone gets to play and it’s all about learning the game and having fun.

    I’m glad to see your kids still have their heads.

    Love you.

    • I am sure that there are plenty of sane people in the group we tried to join, but I just don’t have the energy to weed through all of the crazies to get to them. The decapitator kept going on about how they had never lost a game and I kept thinking who cares. It should all be about good sportsmanship, having fun and being active. He clearly had unresolved issues. We will try again next season. Love you!

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