Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch Part 1 of 2

We took so many photos I had to break it into 2 posts.

If you have never been to Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch, you are seriously missing out!

It’s located in Picacho Peak right off of the I-10 between Tucson and Phoenix.

They offer monster truck tours of the ranch.  The tour is full of cool facts about the ranch and the southwest.





The tour took us past an ostrich nest.  The nest is just a little dip the ostrich dig out.  I would not want to tangle with papa.  He was very aware of us.  I have no doubt that if someone was foolish enough to go near him he would tear them up.  The public is only allowed to interact with the female ostrich because the males are too aggressive. Here we are safe and protected in the monster truck.


Our tour guide shared a frozen and very dead Diamondback Rattlesnake with us.  We all got chance to touch it (not on the head, because the venom is still just as dangerous even when it’s dead).



She must have told us at least 10 times not to touch the head before she brought it around for us all to touch.  Ten times and Ami still reached straight for its head, he was so excited.  Luckily she was quick and stopped him.

The highlight of the tour was definitely ostrich fishing.






This one was infatuated with my shoe.  She kept pecking at it over and over again.


Back on the ground we hand fed the big birds.


Their beaks are super strong, but as long as you feed them with your hand flat it’s painless.


If you aren’t brave enough to do that, but still want to have fun, they will catch the feed in mid-air if you toss it to them.



One of the greatest things about the ranch is that they are always adding new stuff.

Today was the first ever day they had duck feeding.  Ducks are Ami’s favorite animal so he was over the moon.



It really tickles when they eat out of your hand.

And then there were the little donkeys.



Their noses are so soft and they are so gentle and friendly.



We shared a moment.

Tomorrow: Larakeets, goats, and deer -OH MY!


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2 responses to “Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch Part 1 of 2

  1. I wanna go! Looks like great family fun. My kids would LOVE it!

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