One of my favorite blogs is Geninne’s Art Blog.  It’s pretty popular, and with good reason.  It’s gorgeous over there.  Geninne does these amazing watercolors, mostly birds.  All of her birds have smiling eyes and tend to make me smile too.

I found her blog through Pinterest many months ago and have been back every day since.  She shares her art, her home, her family and they are all wonderful.

She often posts photos of a Vermilion Fly-catcher that lives nearby.  While searching old books for clippings to put in my slides, I came across some illustrations of a Vermilion Fly-catcher.  I instantly thought of Geninne and wanted to make a slide for her as a thank you for all of the inspiration her blog provides. So I made this.

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

I emailed her asking for her address so I could send her a small gift of appreciation.  I felt like a total creeper, but she was so kind. Not only does she have light-hearted and beautiful art, but a soul to match.

Her response was that she would send me her address, but only if I sent her mine so she could send me a little gift too.  What a lovely surprise that was.

I received her gift yesterday.  All I can say is  me-oh-my and sigh.


She sent me these lovely gift tags that are made from her “oops” prints.

One of them is from a favorite piece that is coincidentally my desktop background.  That was a fun bonus.


When I opened the envelope the tags were safely contained in a plastic envelope.  What I thought was just cardboard backing to keep them safe ended up being another surprise when I turned it over.

I found this little guy staring up at me, matted, addressed and signed!


How lucky am I?  Very.

I have the perfect home for him too.



Isn’t he gorgeous!

Do yourself a favor and check out her blog.


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2 responses to “Gifts

  1. Amy!!! The vermilion flycatcher slide is amazing! I can wait until it arrives!! I’m so happy you liked everything 🙂 I brought your envelope with me when I visited my dad in Florida last week. It arrived so fast! Much faster than if I’d sent it from Mexico so I’m glad I did. Thank you for being so incredibly kind and generous. It was MY pleasure to trade with you.
    The birdie looks great in the nest! Big hug from my little corner of the world.

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