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Rodeo Dance

Ami and Conrad’s school had a family rodeo dance the weekend before last.

We had a ton of fun.  The principal snapped this shot for us at the end of the night. You’d never guess that just moments before, Ami was refusing to have his photo taken.  

Thankfully he snapped out of it just in time.

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Humble Taters

The other day I was reading a bag of  Del Monte potatoes.  Yes, I read a bag of potatoes.  I didn’t set out to read it, but as I was searching the bag for the perfect baking potato, I noticed it said “Helpful Tips”.  I snarkily thought “Oh yeah!  What sorts of revelations could these tips possibly hold”.  Wasn’t my snotty little self surprised when I found some of the tips to be…well, helpful.  I said a silent apology to dear old Del Monte and decided to share what I learned.

1. Be humble.

2. Sprinkle sliced potatoes with a pinch of flour when frying to make them golden brown.

3. Insert aluminum or stainless steel kitchen nail into each potato to promote uniform baking.- I didn’t even know such a thing existed.  I doubt I will ever buy kitchen nails as I bake my potatoes in the microwave, but I was educated none-the-less.

4. Whether for stew or mashing, potatoes should be boiled whole with their skin in tact to help preserve their nutritional value.-  It’s way easier and faster to peel a cooked potato anyway.

5. When mashing potatoes it’s better to add warm milk than cold and adding a teaspoon of baking powder before mashing will make them light and creamy.

You never can tell where your next bit of knowledge will come from.



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Der and I spent Sunday afternoon re-roofing our back patio.  This is what happens when you give me a gallon of roofing adhesive and a paintbrush.  It was on my legs, my neck and even a dab or two in my hair.  I had to use paint thinner to get it off. Yuck!

Working on a house that we love is well worth it.  That’s one less thing on the to-do list, only about a hundred more things left.

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Somebody should really fold all of that laundry, but then where would poor Sampson sit?!


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How To Protect Power Cords From Chewy Critters

Our dear, cross-eyed, Princess Puss likes to partake in a fine wire now and then.

She has spidey senses when it comes to cords and she prefers the pricier ones.

Like the $100 cord to my macbook we had to replace because she chewed it into submission.  She gnawed on the new one within hours of it’s arrival.

When we brought home a new desktop computer the other day, Der and I started brainstorming how to keep her furry face away from the cords.

Brilliant Der thought of tubing.  He bought 6 feet of tubing from Lowe’s, cut a slit all the way down it, and nested the wire within it.

The cord should be safe now…unless Princess Puss sprouts thumbs.



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I am over the moon for foldable vintage yardsticks.  They are so cool and you can spell stuff with them.

We had an ocean of white brick over our bed so I decided to fill it with a little love.

I haven’t decided if I “love” it there or not.  Time will tell.

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Ostrich Feather

It sits in a bud vase made by my wonderful grandma.

I found the feather at Rooster Cogburn’s, and I love it.

I think it’s beautiful.  It reminds me of a human ribcage, in a totally uncreepy way.


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