Things That Make Conrad Go Hmmmm

Since our jellyfish craft Conrad has been asking me all sorts of questions about jellyfish.

Our most recent conversation went a little something like this:

“Mom how do people catch jellyfish?”

“I don’t know, maybe a bucket or a net?”

“Then do they squeeze them or something?”

“Why on earth would anyone want to squeeze a jellyfish?”

“To get the jelly out.”

“Jelly out for what?”

“For sandwiches.”

Laugh-snort-laugh “You watch too much Spongebob.” laugh-snort-laugh.

Then I explained how jelly comes from fruit.  I’m still not sure he believed me.


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2 responses to “Things That Make Conrad Go Hmmmm

  1. Terri Lapp

    Laugh-snort-laugh is right!! Had to reread this twice. I can even hear his voice and see his body language through this conversation. Hysterical!

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