Happy Birthday Simplywe


One year ago today I created Simplywe in hopes it would help me out of a deep depression.

Instead of wondering what the point of a project was and therefore talking myself out of it before I even started, I would focus on the fact that it was something to blog.  Rather than dwell on what I could not change, I set small deadlines and goals which helped me create a sense of order in my life.

The baby steps I took with the blog stretched into my everyday life and helped me pull myself out of the pit of despair I had been in.  That’s not to say that I never have a down spell, but Simplywe has served as my lifeboat, giving me something to hold onto when I feel the darkness begin to seep in.

Simplywe has allowed me to focus on my favorite things without the self-imposed guilt that I am so familiar with.  There should be no guilt involved with allowing yourself to be happy.

I am proud and only a little amazed that it’s been a full year. I have endless gratitude to you for your support.

I set a goal of hitting 10,000 visits to Simplywe by the 1 year anniversary and we did it!  As I write this the stats page shows 10,050 visits!  All I can say is thank you!  Thank you a million times over!



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16 responses to “Happy Birthday Simplywe

  1. Marie

    Happy Birthday! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing those cute kids!

  2. Kelsey Shirley

    Happy Birthday Simplywe!!! I’m so glad That this has been such a good outlet for you and all the while we (your readers) benefit as well! I love all the project ideas, the ability to watch your kids grow, and the chickens :)!

  3. Paula

    Thank YOU for giving us a glimpse into your awesome, artsy life. I told Jayme that I just want to sit on your back patio and do art projects with you and your boys! The simple, yet meaningful, experiences you give them are amazing, and I love seeing their joy and happiness (and sometimes annoyance!) in your photos. Here’s to another 10,050 in 365!

    • You are welcome anytime Paula. We would have tons of fun! I feel very lucky to have the life I do and to be able to share it is the cherry on top. I’m aiming for 20,000 in the next 365!

  4. Kristen

    Thank you for Simplywe! It is one of the things I look forward to reading every day. You have a gorgeous family and such a beautiful spirit. I love the chickens but the pug might be my favorite!

  5. Oliwia

    Happy B-day Simplywe, you simply make me smile every time I pay a visit to your blog 🙂 please keep on posting!

    ps: Since I’ve tried almost all your wonderful recipes I’d like to share this one, it’s simple and yummy:


    I’m sure you and your boys will love it 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday! Why is it sometimes so hard to convince ourselves that It’s okay to be happy and focus on our favorite things? Don’t stop writing, creating, and enjoying everything life has to offer 🙂

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