Give The Tree A Hand

I don’t know what it is about mannequin pieces, but I love them!

After I scored a couple of hands at our local flea market last weekend, I started to spray paint them, but lost interest on account of me being grumpy and impatient lately (insert pouty face here).

So I asked Der (the master of spray paint) to finish them for me.  He hung them up from the tree to paint them and I love them hanging there so much that I just might turn that tree into a hand tree.




While I am aware that some may think this is creepy, I think it’s badass!


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7 responses to “Give The Tree A Hand

  1. Mary Michaluk

    I think you have found yet another great way to express yourself. Love the colors.

    • Thanks Mary! I’m not sure what weird part of myself I am expressing by hanging body parts from trees, or what kind of message it’s sending to my neighbors, but I sure like it!

  2. Joan kellogg

    I love the freakin’ hands! I love your decor. You are so cool.

  3. Olivia

    Where did you find these gems?!!??!!!

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