Ami Is Confused

He thinks his middle name is Weed.  He gets mad at me when I correct him.

Many times we have told him the story of how Benny named him Baby Wee, and so his middle name is Wee.

He is adamant.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I pulled this out of his backpack.
I’m sure Benny doesn’t mind and is having a good laugh about it too.


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4 responses to “Ami Is Confused

  1. Ami sounds like a real corker! Ami Weed indeed!!! LOL

  2. Terri Lapp

    I can barely stop laughing long enough to post!! And…. pweesgal’s post was perfect! I’m sure I’ll laugh @ “Ami Weed indeed!!!” for a long time! I agree Benny had to laugh out loud too. After all, Benny named his fish “tree” and we all know how much he loved Baby Wee. I have to get a tissue for the snorting laughter.. LOL! 😀

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