Humble Taters

The other day I was reading a bag of  Del Monte potatoes.  Yes, I read a bag of potatoes.  I didn’t set out to read it, but as I was searching the bag for the perfect baking potato, I noticed it said “Helpful Tips”.  I snarkily thought “Oh yeah!  What sorts of revelations could these tips possibly hold”.  Wasn’t my snotty little self surprised when I found some of the tips to be…well, helpful.  I said a silent apology to dear old Del Monte and decided to share what I learned.

1. Be humble.

2. Sprinkle sliced potatoes with a pinch of flour when frying to make them golden brown.

3. Insert aluminum or stainless steel kitchen nail into each potato to promote uniform baking.- I didn’t even know such a thing existed.  I doubt I will ever buy kitchen nails as I bake my potatoes in the microwave, but I was educated none-the-less.

4. Whether for stew or mashing, potatoes should be boiled whole with their skin in tact to help preserve their nutritional value.-  It’s way easier and faster to peel a cooked potato anyway.

5. When mashing potatoes it’s better to add warm milk than cold and adding a teaspoon of baking powder before mashing will make them light and creamy.

You never can tell where your next bit of knowledge will come from.



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