Vintage Amy

A trip down memory lane.

Me and my Dad.

Me and my Ma.

I still remember this day. Don’t be jealous of my vinyl chaps.  FYI  That was my favorite shirt!  It had glitter all over the strawberries!!

I was so proud of my hairdo in the one on the right.  It was just like my moms.  I felt very sophisticated.

I think I was 8. My ma rolled my hair in rags the night before.  I recall her being disappointed in how it turned out, but I think it was super cute!  That fancy necklace was my house key.

Guessing 10.  My friend Shasta and I traded 1 earring while waiting in line.  Mine was the long silver one (those were totally rad earrings BTW).

I was 12 and I rocked that big hair, puka necklace and sweatshirt dress!

14.  That was the coolest haircut ever!

Here I was 16.  My Ma refers to this as my “whatever” phase.  I remember being “over” high school at this point and the ridiculous drama of it all.  I was also secretly pregnant and scared out of my mind.  I wish I could hug me and tell me everything is going to turn out alright.

Tomorrow:  Vintage Petz!


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6 responses to “Vintage Amy

  1. andy mccandless

    Camel Wide Cigarettes and Arcadia girls Bathroom. We are getting old.

    • I prefer to think we are getting wiser. My lungs certainly love me more now than they did back then!

      I fondly remember learning to drive at the top of sky harbors parking garage in your and Bobby’s car. Good times!

  2. Cami Reeves

    Fabulous pictures!!
    Thank you for sharing ❤

  3. Joan Kellogg

    I think the picture of you on the horse really resembles Benny! Also, there is something about Derek that reminds me of your Dad… Funny.

    Love you.

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