Repurposed Folding Closet Doors

I scored 4 of these metal, folding closet doors for a total of $12.

I had seen them for about a month at my favorite thrift store.  I was drawn to them, but couldn’t think what to do with them.  My general rule when thrifting is, if I can’t think of at least one use for it, I won’t get it.  There are always exceptions, but I try hard to follow that guideline, for fear of becoming a hoarder.

I would stare at them each time I was at the shop.  I liked their color and knew I could get them for a good price, but didn’t know what I would do with them.  And then finally inspiration struck.

I decided they would make great shelves.

We separated the doors and stacked them on cinder blocks.  Sometime in the future I may get around to painting the blocks.  I’m thinking charcoal.

The shelves are kind of bare now, but will fill up in no time, I’m sure.


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2 responses to “Repurposed Folding Closet Doors

  1. Dee

    these shelves are awesome!! great idea and inspiration for my own project!

  2. Tamara

    Now I know what to do with my old metal closet doors

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