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Peppers And Peckers…Oh My

Inspired title courtesy of Der :D.

Look at all those yummy peppers.  I didn’t grow them, but I wish I did.  I sautéed some with garlic and onion and threw them in the mix for chicken enchiladas.  D.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s!  I chopped and froze the rest for another day.

Fresh sweet basil growing in our back yard.  I can’t wait!

Gary, out for a stroll while his pen was being cleaned.

Der cut up some bruised apples and put them in the feeder, much to this Gila Woodpecker’s delight.  Or as Ami called her “peckwooder”…snort laugh.  Whatever her name she is lovely and quite the acrobat.

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Tucson Festival of Books…sort of

Last weekend we went to the giant Festival of Books here in Tucson.  We had never been before, but heard wonderful things about it.  I brought my camera but only snapped 2 shots and they were while we were walking to the festival.  Once there, we were so busy visiting the booths and maneuvering through the crowds that I didn’t even think about my camera.

I don’t generally care for crowd bathing.   I usually steer clear when confronted with a sea of people, but my curiosity was peaked so we braved the throng.  I am glad we did.  The boys had so much fun and learned a ton of cool stuff.  They got to pet snakes and a tortoise, spin wheels for prizes, make DNA strands from licorice and marshmallows, plant seeds, got free books, learned how stars (the ones in the sky) are born and a ton of other cool stuff.

We will go back next year, but probably first thing in the morning.

Here are the two photos I took.

I love his little smirk.  He has since had a haircut and hates me for it.

Conrad has more ham and cheese than a delicatessen and Ami is just sweet.

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Repurposed Folding Closet Doors

I scored 4 of these metal, folding closet doors for a total of $12.

I had seen them for about a month at my favorite thrift store.  I was drawn to them, but couldn’t think what to do with them.  My general rule when thrifting is, if I can’t think of at least one use for it, I won’t get it.  There are always exceptions, but I try hard to follow that guideline, for fear of becoming a hoarder.

I would stare at them each time I was at the shop.  I liked their color and knew I could get them for a good price, but didn’t know what I would do with them.  And then finally inspiration struck.

I decided they would make great shelves.

We separated the doors and stacked them on cinder blocks.  Sometime in the future I may get around to painting the blocks.  I’m thinking charcoal.

The shelves are kind of bare now, but will fill up in no time, I’m sure.


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Oh The Possibilities

What shall I make with my latest finds?

So many possibilities.

When I spotted a cool metal tackle box, I was happy.  When I opened it and found all of these cool doohickies I was elated.  When they sold the whole thing to me for $1 I was over-the-moon.

Der tells me they are diodes.  All I see is potential.

I dug through a bucket of old camera gear for all of these lens filters.  I was nervous I would dig them all out and then wouldn’t like the price they named.  I was thrilled when I got them for 25¢ each.

I have a ton of ideas.  I just need to pick one and run with it.

Vintage photo stuff is the bomb!

I should really ground myself from the thrift store until I get some of my project ideas made, but I don’t want to miss anything.



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My Friend the House Finch

We just installed this bird feeder and already we have many loyal diners.

This guy is my favorite because it is clear he has had a rough go of it.

He is more skittish than the others.  I think he is blind in that eye.  I look forward to his daily visits

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Martin Luther King

By Ami Wee Petz

All of the kindergarteners drew MLK last month.  Their drawings were proudly displayed in the school hallway, until just the other day.  Now he proudly hangs in Ami’s room.


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Newbie Keegie

My grandparents weren’t thrilled about Der’s long hair and his earrings, but when they saw how good he was with Keegan he earned their seal of approval.

Keegan (7) with Aunt Carol’s tortoise “Dude”.

It took us 6 years to conceive Jeremia.  He was worth the wait.

Jeremia implores Daddy to share.

Our first family trip to Disneyland.  Jeremia wasn’t quite 2, Keegan was 9.

My all time favorite photo of me.

Oh my sweet dork of a husband! For a minute there we thought we’d have to call the fire department to get Der out of there.

Jeremia shows us the proper way to roll in a toy car.

And then came Benny.

About a year after this photo we moved to Tucson and shortly after our lives got flipped upside down.

Benny and Jeremia = inseparable.  It was 2 or 3 days after this photo was taken that we found out Benny had cancer.  And I had just found out I was pregnant with Conrad.

I love this photo.  You can see the love pouring off of us.  Conrad was born at a time when we desperately needed something to celebrate.  Maybe a week later Benny had his big stem cell/bone marrow transplant.

The fact that poison was being pumped into him and his body was full of rogue cells trying to do him in didn’t stop him from being a silly, sweet little boy.

Can you tell Jeremia and Benny are tired of getting their picture taken?  I double-heart this photo!

That was Benny’s most favorite shirt.  He would have worn it every single day, had we let him.

You can’t see, but I am VERY pregnant with Ami in this photo.  This was during our last hoorah trip with Benny.

Benny welcomes Ami to the world. So much love!

For 2 very short weeks Derek and I had all 5 of our boys with us.

Just as we welcomed a new son we had to part with another.

And then we were left to put the pieces back together.  If tears, love, or longing could save a life, Benny would still be here with us.  We are now, and will forever be, an incomplete puzzle.

I have very few photos between Benny’s death to about a year ago.  Not because I didn’t take a ton, but because I lost all of my computer files.  I am lucky that I had printed a few, but not enough, never enough.



Keegan and Ami snuggle.

The fact that it looks like the EB is getting ready to eat Ami’s head makes me laugh every time.

Me and Keeg

Me, Der, Conrad, Ami and Jeremia at our first time ostrich fishin’.

Thank you for taking this trip down memory lane with me.

When I thought of posting old photos, I hadn’t planned on being emotional about it, but there is no way to look back without revisiting great loss.  We drudged through hell, were helpless to change horrible injustices and came through it all stronger and with a greater appreciation of life.  The resilience of the human spirit is astounding.


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