Colossal Cave

We took an afternoon trip to Colossal Cave this weekend.  I took a total of four photos inside the cave because I felt rude and didn’t want to blind everyone with the repeated flash.  Of the four I took, I only liked one.  If I were allowed to stroll through at my leisure by myself I would have taken a ton more.

After the tour we went down to the ranch and explored.

We sleuthed for gems and found some beauties.

We happened upon a cute little toad.

Goofed around

Explored the tiny museums.

And said hello to the stable tennants.

Jeremia and I loved on “Dodger”.

He is the sweetest horse I have ever met and I wanted so badly to bring him home.  I settled for soaking up as much love as possible.

On the way out we passed some cows, and even a calf.

I could visit with animals all day everyday and never tire of it.




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2 responses to “Colossal Cave

  1. I love your posts. You do a wonderful job of showing the things we do as a family.

  2. Ahh, so sweet Der Bear. I just now saw this comment. I didn’t get a notification for a new comment like I usually do, because you were signed in as me. I love you, and am grateful to have you and the boys to do such fun and awesome stuff with. I am a very lucky girl! Forever and always my love.

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