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6 Years

My friend Darci has once again surprised us with a priceless gift.  Today she emailed me 3 photos of Benny that she found buried in her computer files.  Gratitude isn’t a big enough word to describe what I feel towards her.  She holds a very special place in my heart and is just a good for the soul kind of person.

Benny was such a joy. There is a purple pony nestled in the green purse he’s holding as he catches a ride on his IV pole.

Here he was getting to pick toys out of a special cabinet that was created in memory of another little boy whose life was stolen by cancer.  Benny didn’t want a toy so he picked some out for Jeremia and Conrad.  He was such a sweet brother.

I love that face.  I want to take it in my hands and cover every inch of it with kisses.

I want to hold him and caress his head and whisper in his ear.  I used to sniff in his ear like a dog and make him laugh.  I also used to sit and rub my lips back and forth over the top of his head, when he was sitting in my lap.  I can still feel that feeling.

I want to stare into his big brown pools and hold his hand and hear his sweet voice.

Instead, I am left to endure the slow ache of insatiable longing.

Where Benny’s life should be happening there are just dates to be remembered and honored.

Yesterday marked 6 years since Benny’s departure.  It’s barely conceivable that he’s been gone longer than he was here.

He was robbed, we were robbed and there is not a damn thing we can do about it.

Cancer is an asshole!

It would be easy to get lost in my hatred for the disease that stole my beautiful boy from me, but I try instead to fight the hate and focus on all of the wonderful things that came from my greatest loss.  Most days it’s works, some days I just have to let myself feel what I need to feel.

Seeing new photos of Benny is bittersweet.  I love them and cherish them and wish I had a new one everyday, but it still hurts a little to look at them.

I want to say it’s a painful reminder of all that we’ve lost, but that would suggest that we’d forgotten, and we will never forget.


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Um Yeah, So This Really Happened

What is it with kids and their sudden need for your attention whenever you pick up a phone, sit down with a book, or step into the bathroom.  It’s like they come equipped with poor timing devices.  I know I had one when I was a kid.  They must come standard.

So a few weeks ago, when Conrad tapped on the bathroom door, my brain was like “What now?!”.

The moment I heard Conrad’s voice though, I knew it was important.

With a somewhat quaky voice Conrad says, “Excuse me mom, but Piper ate my tooth.”.

Thinking I had to have misheard him, I said,  “What?!”

He obligingly repeated himself and then went on to describe the scene.

He explained that he found Piper playing with the treasure chest he had gotten from the dentist.  Earlier that day, he had a tooth pulled and the dentist gave him one of those small plastic treasure chests with his tooth in it.  He’d put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy and somehow Piper’d gotten ahold of it and now the tooth was missing.

Naturally I didn’t want to believe she ate it.  We launched a full-scale search for the tooth, but came up empty-handed.

This felt like the perfect time to tell Stacey all about the time when Keegan was 3 or 4 and came and told me he swallowed a penny.  In the very next breath he told me not to worry, because he swallowed a magnet to catch the penny.  We rushed to the Dr. who sent Keeg for X-rays that showed nothing.  They sent me home with instructions to sift through his poop.

Keegan refused to poop for 3 days, because he didn’t want to poop in a bowl.  After the 3rd day I gave up and figured if it was going to cause any damage it would have already, and let the poor kid go to the bathroom in peace.

While I was recounting that story to Stacey, Conrad became somewhat panicked.

He had come to the realization that no tooth meant no tooth fairy.

Because I am the loving, caring, and wonderful mom that I am, I told him he’d have to sleep with Piper’s diaper under his pillow if he wanted the tooth fairy to come.  He studied me, trying to figure out if I was kidding or not, realized I was and then waited for the real solution.

I told him he’d just have to write the tooth fairy a note, put it under his pillow and she’d understand.

So he did and the good old tooth fairy came through like she always does.

The very next day I was walking through the kitchen and stepped on, of all things, Conrad’s tooth.  Phew!

I hope Stacey’s not too afraid to come back to this nuthouse.  And as usual I am waiting for my mother of the year award.  It should be here any day now.

Conrad and Piper, weeks before the Great Tooth Fiasco of 2012.

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Quack Attack!

My wonderful, thoughtful, amazing, sweet, and fun aunt Sandy surprised us with ducklings.

We named them Sandy and Donny, after her and my uncle.

I have to tell you black ducklings are difficult to photograph.  Their tiny black eyes get lost in all the black fluff.

This is Donny.

This is Sandy.

They are adorable

and fun.

Ducks make great pets and give you yummy eggs.

We have no idea if Sandy and Donny are boys, girls or one of each.

I hope we have one of each.

I can’t wait to watch them grow.

Thanks Sandy!



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I didn’t know I wanted a ram head, until I saw it.

The moment I laid eyes on it, I knew it was coming home with me.

Once home, I introduced it to the magical powers of spray paint.

It’s been thanking me ever since.

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How To Keep Your Kids Happy And Quiet For A Few Hours

With a house full of kids, in the middle of summer vacation, contented quiet is in short supply.  If you are a mom you know what I’m talking about, and I’m happy to offer a break for your overstimulated ears and joy for your stir crazy kids. Use the quiet time to return phone calls, pay bills, or peruse Pinterest, which coincidentally is where I found this idea.

You need:

Paper to cover your table


Food Coloring

Baking Soda

Pyrex dishes or cake pans

Droppers-if you’re like me and don’t have droppers just use…

Straws!  I cut 5 straws in half so their were two straws per color.  Every kid who has ever used a straw, knows how to pick fluid up with them.

I gave the boys a super quick demonstration.  It’s pretty straight forward.  Pick colored vinegar up with straw, drop it on dish of baking soda, then ooh and aah at the coolness.

It’s so pretty.

They had a blast.  The house hasn’t  been that quiet since school got out.

They played happily for almost 2 hours and would have played longer, but we had errands to run.

Clean up was a cinch.  The dishes rinsed right out.  The paper protected my table, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have 2 or 3 layers of paper down though.  And I wouldn’t do it the day of anything important, because their hands were stained for the day.

Enjoy the silence!

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Random Photos

Just a bunch of random photos that have nothing to do with each other.


I like how the kids look like fire.  They were running in circles, creating a whirlpool.

Der dangling, just to see if he still could.

Piper “flying”.  Uncle Der would hold her in front of the vent so her hair would blow and we would all make flying noises.  It’s the simple things in life!

Waiting for swimming lessons to begin.  It sure was bright!

This may be a sign that we watch too much Judge Judy around here.  Jeremia drew up a contract for Conrad and him to sign.

It says, “This contract states that Conrad Petz will give me (Jeremia Petz) a Halo guy, if I shoot one bullet out of a Nerf gun, while standing up against a wall, but I have to hit the target on the other side of the room.”.

They even did thumbprints in red ink, not blood, thank goodness.  The Halo guy in question is under the signatures.

This, as I suspected, all ended in a fight.

Jeremia thinks he’s a cat.

A little something I made for my niece Cassie.  She’s going to be a mama any day now!  I can’t wait to meet little Sophia Christine!

A really cool window display at one of our local Bookman’s.

Just in case you haven’t seen the video this is based on, check it out…

Cool, no?!

Happy Friday everyone!



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Oh Sweet Rain

Saturday was a hot day.  The temperature was over 100 degrees.  The weather forecast called for more dry heat.

Out of nowhere the sky started to darken and then it began to pour.

The temperature dropped 30 degrees in just minutes.

I love the reflection of our fence in the puddle.

The puddle quickly turned into a small lake.

It poured for a while and even hailed.

Goofy chickens.  They did run for shelter when it started to hail though.

The fence is SO vibrant when it’s wet.

I had been having a particularly rough couple of days and the rain was just what I needed.  It may sound cheesy, but rain soothes my soul.

Ami and Conrad were happy to have mud to play in.

Those are flecks of dried mud all over Ami’s face.  He looks like a beach kid with his tan and sun bleached hair.

Conrad said “Wanna hug?”.  I said “No thanks, toad”.

This was followed by an Arizona bath, that’s when the kids strip down and run around naked while dad sprays them with the hose. Good times!


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