Stacey and Piper

When Piper and Stacey were here the other week, we staged an impromptu photo shoot.  Here are some of my faves.

Stacey is a true comedian, which is perfect, because my all time favorite thing to do is laugh.  She had Der and I rolling on many occasions.

I could just eat Piper up.  She’s beyond cute.

I really miss these two and want them to come back already.

While Stace was here, I taught her to make paper beads and showed her how to turn them into a keychain.  She made that fantastic peacock keychain and almost didn’t make it home with it, because I liked it so much I nearly stole it.  Artsy fartsy definitely runs in the family.

Stace and her Dad, my uncle Donny.

We grew up living next door to each other, so she might as well be my sister considering how much time we spent around each other when we were kids.

Stacey come back.  Tucson needs you!

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