Fun Father’s Day Craft 2012

For Father’s day the boys and I made Derek a handprint mobile.  It turned out really cute.

At the beginning of the week I asked Der if I could trace his hand.  Der happily obliged and never even asked me why.  I guess he’s just used to me always creating something.  At the time I wasn’t exactly sure what the finished idea was, all I knew was it had something to do with hands.

Der’s hand is on top, followed by mine,  Jeremia’s, Conrad’s and finally Ami’s.

The boys and I each wrote our 5 favorite things about Der.  One favorite thing on each finger.

That was harder for Conrad and Ami to do, since they still have chunky writing and small hands, so their favorite things spilled out onto their palms.  It kind of made it look like a patched quilt, which I love.

After we each wrote our 5 favorite things, we colored the hands in.  Then, I glued them each onto different colored card stock and cut them out so there would be a small colored border.  I hole punched the top of the middle fingers and the bottom of the palms and connected them with ribbon.

I meant to take close-up photos of each hand, but Derek whisked it away to work, to hang in his office, before I got a chance.

On the back I simply wrote #1 DAD.

He absolutely loved it and the boys were proud of the finished product.





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4 responses to “Fun Father’s Day Craft 2012

  1. Donna Hettlage

    What a neat idea! Love it!

  2. Donna Hettlage

    I think it is plenty cool! 🙂 What a priceless gift.

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