Lollies and a Challenge

Here they look all sweet and innocent with their giant jawbreaker lollies, but as you can see in the following photo it’s a farce.

They are lolly devouring monsters.  Der and I mistakenly thought these would last them the whole summer.  Not long after they got these, Jeremia, who didn’t want his picture taken with his lolly, broke out the hammer and made quick work of the monster jawbreakers.

In the photos below you witness Ami and Conrad diligently listening to my “stay out of the water” order.

When I told them to stay out of the water, I didn’t realize I had actually issued a challenge.

Conrad asked me today when this super long weekend was going to be over, because he wants to go back to school.  Not long and I am counting the days.

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Filed under Family, Rodents aka kids

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