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Natures Gifts

Derek and I have taken to collecting beautiful bits of nature.  We call them gifts.  Gifts that have been put in our path for us to find and adore.  I like to think of them as little cherished messages from Benny.

Der has a knack for finding dead butterflies intact.  Recently, he brought me the most beautiful one of all.

The poor thing had been stuck to a grill on one of the rental cars at Der’s work.

Isn’t it beautiful!?!

Other gifts.

At first glance I thought it was a piece of poo, but no, it’s a GIANT empty cocoon.  Now that I know it’s not poo, I think it looks like something out of a scifi movie.

We found these feathers at the zoo, but I have no idea what birds they are from.

Polka dots are just cool!

Every time I see a butterfly I say “hi” to Benny.  Before he passed I told him he could send us messages with butterflies and rainbows, and so he does…and hearts too.

This is a piece of bark.  I found on the ground just waiting for me to see it.

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Jeremia scored a rocket set at Goodwill.  He got $50 worth of rocket gear for a whopping $3!

We went to the park and had some scientific fun with a little physical education thrown in.

He wore lab glasses to make the whole experience feel more authentically geeky.



So fantastically fun and cool and educational!  I highly recommend it.

The science part is launching the rocket.  The P.E. part is running to catch it all the way across the park as it parachutes down.

While they were chasing the last rocket I snapped this shot of the gorgeous sky.



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Another Teenager! Oh My!

Today is Jeremia’s 13th birthday.  Derek took Jeremia and one of his friends from school go-cart racing, laser tagging, and arcading, yesterday. He got an evening away from his younger brothers. That was a priceless gift, but also meant I stayed home with the young’ns, and so no photos.

Today he took munchkin donuts to share at school, picked what was for dinner (steak, green beans and angel hair pasta), opened presents, and had homemade carrot cake.  Der drew a Halo character on it for him.

I was too lazy to take a proper photo of the cake so now we have this weird photo and it looks like the cake is about to fall.

The reflection of the candles gives his hair frosted tips.

Happy Birthday Jeremia!

We love you madly and can’t imagine life without you!  Thanks for being such a great kid!

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Crazy Daisies

My “get well” crazy daisies are still hanging tough, over a week after my sister took the boys to pick them out for me.

I love them.  They are so bright and happy!


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Citrus Vinegar Cleaning Spray

I was inspired by This Pin on Pinterest and just had to make my own citrus vinegar cleaning spray.

Weeks ago, I put the peels from lemons, grapefruits and oranges into separate mason jars.  Then I poured white vinegar over them, until the jars were full.  I used my huge jars.  Smaller ones may have been a better choice, since now I have a decades worth of citrus vinegar.  If you were my neighbor I’d share with you, so you wouldn’t have to make your own.  I’d also give you lots of free eggs, from our egg factory out back.  We are swimming in eggs.  But alas you are not my neighbor, you may want to reevaluate your living situation.  Free eggs and citrus vinegar, those are perfectly valid reasons to move, just sayin’.

And now I’ve gotten off track.  Focus, Amy, focus.

They were so pretty, I let them sit on the counter.

They sat there for about 3 weeks.  The directions called for 2 weeks, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt if they sat a little longer.

When I felt they were all sufficiently marinated, I poured each type into a separate spray bottle, half way, with a funnel.  Then I topped them off with H2O.

My favorite one is the grapefruit, not pictured because I put that in my empty Mrs. Meyers spray bottle and was too lazy to peel the label off, so I didn’t take a photo.  Mrs. Meyer’s is awesome, but homemade citrus vinegar is WAY cheaper!

It smells good, cleans well, is cheap and super easy to make, so why isn’t everyone doing this?


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More Fun With Instagram

Donny is almost all grown up.  His voice is changing and every time I hear him half chirp, half quack, I think of Peter Brady’s “When it’s time to change.” song, from the Brady Bunch.  P.S.  When I was little, I wanted to live with the Brady family SOOOOO bad.

His little nubby wings are starting to get real feathers.  I can’t help but think that this looks like an uncomfortable process.  It has to hurt.

I adore watercolors!  They make me happy and fill me with the desire to get my art on.

Arizona sunsets are unbeatable!  So are desert trail bike rides! (not pictured)

I love the perspective of this shot.  I had my phone laying on the ground, angled ever-so-slightly up.  Ami’s serious expression is my favorite.

Happy mushroom growing in our empty flowerbed.  Mushrooms are just cool.


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Nerf War

I am still resting, recovering from my awesomectomy.  I still have tons of awesome left, just in case you were worried.  Any-who I thought I would share some photos of the boys, that I took on the last day of summer vacation.

They took a little break from their indoor noise assault Nerf war, to ham it up.

Gavin was in attendance and as you can see he fits right in.

Ami’s weapon of choice was that helicopter spinner/bomb.


I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  Monday always comes too fast!



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