As you all know, I take a ton of photos, but you might be surprised at how few photos I have framed.  Less than 10.

3 of them are prized possessions.  They were given to me at Benny’s memorial service, by our friend, Kara, who used to nanny for the boys.  The photos she gave me were of shots she took, so I had no digital copy.  It never occurred to me, until recently, to scan them.

I finally did. 😀

This is either during, or shortly after Benny and Jeremia’s room was remodeled by Make A Wish.  JP and Benny to loved dress up in costumes, so Make A Wish ensured they would have no shortage of costumes to choose from.  The butterfly princess was one of Benny’s favorites.

This one is at the zoo during zoo lights and Benny is reaching up to touch the fake snow that’s falling.

And my very favorite.  I just want to squeeze his face and eat him all up.


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7 responses to “Benny

  1. Donna Hettlage

    Great pictures, Amy. What a beautiful little boy Benny was! Whom do you think he looks most like? Ami?

    • Thanks, Donna! Most definitely Ami. They have looked alike from newborn to now. Ami will be my bittersweet peek at what Benny would’ve looked like if he’d been able to grow up.

      • Donna Hettlage

        That is so bittersweet. God bless you, Amy!! I am thinking of you and praying that your surgery goes smoothly and for a super speedy recovery. 🙂

  2. Benny…what a cherub! Thanks for sharing your precious boy with us.

  3. Tawny

    Love that little face! Donna, I’ve always thought Ami looked like Benny, especially when he was younger.

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