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Skillet’s best attempt at charming me into letting him stay on the bed instead of changing the sheets.
IMG_6151I’m an easy mark.

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Hello Stranger!

Long time no see.
I’ve missed you.
Here let’s jump in before I get distracted.
That’d be a bummer.
I have been bursting at the seams with creativity.
With creativity comes mess.
Check out the state of my desk.
For shame, for shame. A neat freak, I am not.
A girl can dream.

Onto the fun.

Supplies needed:

Colored paper
diecut – any shape will do. We used a festive christmas tree.
And a camera – we used the photo booth ap on my computer.
I held the paper in front of the camera “just so” and we moved around until it framed our faces. Such a simple and easy few moments, with so much potential.

Photo on 11-28-14 at 4.02 PM Oh my heart, I love that man!
Photo on 11-28-14 at 3.52 PM #2
And Photo on 11-28-14 at 3.50 PM #2
thesePhoto on 11-28-14 at 3.48 PM #2

I want to eat them all up!
Photo on 11-28-14 at 3.47 PM I’ll do it too!

Now, go have fun and let me know if you try it.

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