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Benny O’clock

Have I ever told you about Benny O’clock? It’s my favorite time! If I happen to look at the clock at 5:26, I shout out “Happy Benny O’clock!”, like I’ve won the lottery. Why 5:26? Benny was born May 26th. Oh, how I miss that sweet boy! Forever alive in my heart, but man do my arms and eyes ache for him.Benny

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Hello Stranger!

Long time no see.
I’ve missed you.
Here let’s jump in before I get distracted.
That’d be a bummer.
I have been bursting at the seams with creativity.
With creativity comes mess.
Check out the state of my desk.
For shame, for shame. A neat freak, I am not.
A girl can dream.

Onto the fun.

Supplies needed:

Colored paper
diecut – any shape will do. We used a festive christmas tree.
And a camera – we used the photo booth ap on my computer.
I held the paper in front of the camera “just so” and we moved around until it framed our faces. Such a simple and easy few moments, with so much potential.

Photo on 11-28-14 at 4.02 PM Oh my heart, I love that man!
Photo on 11-28-14 at 3.52 PM #2
And Photo on 11-28-14 at 3.50 PM #2
thesePhoto on 11-28-14 at 3.48 PM #2

I want to eat them all up!
Photo on 11-28-14 at 3.47 PM I’ll do it too!

Now, go have fun and let me know if you try it.

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Bean X-ray

This is a desert bird of paradise seed pod.  Red speckles and tiny green veins, what’s not to love? Here’s a bloom.

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Uncle Greb helps Ami catch air.

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Saw this at an estate sale and loved it, but not enough to pay $15.  Now I just take pictures of the things I’m too cheap to pay for.

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It’s been soooo long since my last post, but rather than dwell on that, let’s look at some recent-ish photos!

Hummingbird eggs!  Right outside our front door!!!

Sadly, one didn’t hatch.  Happily, one did!

It’s really hard to get a good photo without disturbing the wee-one.

Check out the amazing craftsmanship on that nest!  I never knew hummingbirds use spider web to hold their nests in place.  I read that the web makes the nest have elasticity so it stretches as the baby grows!  Nature.Is.Amazing!

See it’s tiny little beak pointed straight up?

We spotted this big guy while hiking.  He was VERY handsome!

We have had SOOO many rainbows lately!  I see signs of Benny everywhere.

Jeremia found a heart nugget.  Then he tried to pout when his brothers wanted their pics taken too.

He couldn’t hold is sad face, and we all ended up laughing.  

Good times!

Some of the beauties we grew this summer.


This statue is made entirely of bike chain.  Conrad had a great time pretending it had him trapped.

My BFF!  I think he’s swell!

I love our adventures, big and small.

Why? Because, heads are cool!

This boot was out in the boonies. It made me smile.  I hope it does you too.

That concludes this episode of, whatever this was, thanks for tuning in.

Feeling ever-so-slightly less neglectful.




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Last Week

It snowed…a lot.

It even stayed for a good part of the day.


I see faces everywhere.  This is one that made me happy.


We took another trip to the Tucson Children’s Museum.  We love it there!

Between home, school, work, and volunteering I am crazy busy.

Things should get a little less hectic in 2 weeks…fingers crossed.



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