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56 stamp pads for $8!


Oh the fun we are going to have!

Thanks to Goodwill and the extremely organized person who donated them.


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Halloween Recap


Conrad was Darth Vader.  Ami was a race car driver.


Jeremia was a random Star Wars guy.



All of their costumes came from multiple trips to Goodwill.

Conrad and Ami’s were the easiest.  Jeremia’s took some work and piecing together, but I think it turned out really well.  The inner robe with the pockets was a white bathrobe with a panda hood.  I cut the hood off and dyed it with some old ground coffee.

They hauled in a ton of candy. I will let them pick from it for a few days, before I send it all to work with Derek.  They think I’m a candy scrooge, but they don’t have to pay to fix their teeth, so I win.


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Say Hello To My New Friend

She’s my newest dress form.  I like her imperfections.


Thanks Goodwill!


I have no idea how old she is.  She has no markings.  Google did not help. Anybody have a guess?


I love the painted fence so much.  It makes the perfect backdrop.  I hope you aren’t tired of seeing it yet.





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Ben’s Bells

If you don’t know the story of Ben’s Bells you should click here.

I have wanted a Ben’s Bell since I found out about them.

Twice a year volunteers hang these signature bells randomly around Tucson for passersby to find and keep. They are in memory of a little boy name Ben (I have a soft spot for Bens) and serve as a reminder that we should be kind just for the sake of it.

I found one.  Not where I imagined I would, but at Goodwill. Though I have no idea why anyone would want to get rid of their bell, I was happy to snatch it up.  I may have even gasped, but that could also be because I saw it as I was tripping into the display of windchimes where it was buried.


Now it hangs happily on our back porch.

I love it.  I love it.  I love it.


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Repurposing An Old Stereo Console

Old stereo consoles are cool looking, but take up so much space.  Since they aren’t compatible with iPods, it makes sense that Goodwill sees a ton of them come through their doors.

We found this gutted one for four bucks at our local GW.  We didn’t know what we were going to use it for when we got it, but I was confident I’d think of something.


A few months later we decided to give our chicken coop an upgrade.

We had nesting boxes, but as I’ve talked about before the hens only used one of the four.  With the old set up, we had to go in to the coop and scrunch down to collect eggs.

I wanted a coop that had easy egg access without having to go in.

Enter gutted stereo console.  We butted it up to a hole in the fence.


Der put in a piece of wood to cover half of the open back.


Voila a nesting box, with easy egg access, was born. The hens seem to love it.  To collect eggs I just open the top of the cabinet and where years ago I would’ve seen a record player, instead I see huevo gold and happiness abounds.


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Topic of Tucson

Derek and I imagine that “Topic of Tucson” was an old local news show from the 70’s or 80’s.  Part of the fun of shopping at Goodwill is making up stories to go with what you find. We Googled “Topic of Tucson” but haven’t found anything.  Do any of my readers who have lived here for a while know?

In any case I have found my new Burt’s Bees lip balm holder. I have an obsene amount of the stuff. Can you say addicted?! I can’t help it.  I hate chapped lips.

I have inexplicable love for this petite mug and for 50 cents, it’s hard to go wrong.  The sun vaguely reminds me of 80’s Madonna.

PS  Why don’t keyboards have a cent sign?  I have needed it more than once. And why does spell check tell me cent is not a word?  Get a grip spellcheck!



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Let’s Thrift!

I did not make this print, but I wish I did.  It oozes Amy-ness.

I found it on Pinterest.

I don’t like it.  I love it!

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