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Sticker Giveaway

And the winner is…

All of you!

If you left a comment on the sticker post, please email me your mailing address, and I will send you 30 stickers.

My email address is

Everybody wins!  



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Terrie Frailey!

You will soon be the proud owner of a $20 gift card to Target!

Please email me your address so I can mail it to you.

Thanks to everyone who entered.

I wallpapered my bathroom with all of the sweet things everyone wrote…not really but they did make me blush.  You are all too kind and just the right amount of amazing.

Thanks for continuing to indulge me!

PS this is the number generator I used to find the winner.


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It doesn’t feel like that many, but sure enough, this is my 1ooth post. I can hardly believe it! I am having a ton of fun and I hope you are too!  Simplywe provides the push I need to scratch my artistic itch. I am so proud of this here blog and so thankful to have readers!

So to thank you for giving me incentive to create:

A giveaway!

I decided weeks ago what it should be too.

A $20 gift card for Target.  

Everybody loves Target!  Right?!

I love their clearance.  We even have a system to ensure we hit all of the end caps.

Too enter simply leave a comment telling me what your favorite kind of post is and/or which post has been your favorite.  You have until midnight Saturday, when I will select the winner using a random number generator.

Good luck!



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