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My happy little Moon cacti.

They sit right outside my kitchen window.  I loved them already, but when I googled them to see what they were called, I fell deeper.

We used to call Benny “Moonie”, Der always called him “Moonman” and I sometimes called him “Mooniebird”.  Truthfully he had a ton of nicknames, but this one stuck because his head was perfectly round and reminded Der of the moon.

Now whenever I stand at the kitchen sink and see these beauties, I will think of our beautiful Mr. Moon.

Oh how I miss rubbing that gorgeous noggin.


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Keepin’ It Real

I saw this Pin on Pinterest and was inspired.

Looks like fun!

Click on pic to see original project.

That project consists of putting glue on a sheet of projector transparency, adding dye to it, then letting it run and dry.

Months ago I had added food coloring to different bottles of Elmer’s glue and had been waiting for the perfect project to use the pretty colored glue.  I saw the above pin just before our camping trip a few weeks back and thought it would be a great camping craft and a great way to use the colored glue.  The problem was that I knew it would take awhile to dry and drying art doesn’t travel well.  My solution was to sandwich the glue between two transparencies.  That way we could stack them for the drive home.

The boys each created their designs.

Jeremia added glitter to his.

We put a transparency over the top causing the glue to smoosh together.  It was really fun and cool to watch.

We made a bunch of them.

When we packed up to go home, they were still wet, but we had expected that.  I carefully stacked them for the trip home.

When we got home I punched holes in the corner of each sheet and hung them outside to finish drying.

Weeks later they are still wet and look kinda gross.

Now I feel like a dummy for thinking they would dry, since clearly the glue needs airflow to dry.

We still have tons of transparencies and glue so we will try this again without sandwiching the sheets.

I thought you’d like to see that not all of my ideas work out.




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Making Sensory Bottles With Piper

We are so lucky to have a pint sized visitor at our house this week.  My cousin Stacey was nice enough to share her baby girl, Piper, with us.  We have been having tons of fun.  It’s a great chance for me to do crafts that are too young for the boys.

Today we made sensory bottles.

I have seen them around Pinterest and have wanted to make them, but mistakenly thought my boys were to old for it.  Ami has been trying to sneak them away from Piper since she made them.  I think we will be making more in the very near future.

Jeremia was nice enough to bring home 3 empty 8 oz water bottles, from school, for this project.  That size is perfect for small 2 year old hands. The rest of the stuff I had already.

We used pom poms, food coloring, glitter, water and oil, but the possibilities and options are endless.

Please excuse the bad flash photography.  I was juggling too many things and she moves too fast to take clear photos in the kitchen light.

Piper puts pom poms in one of the bottles.

Then she puts some glitter in another bottle.

Snack break.

The one on the left has pom poms, water and glitter, the middle one has water, blue food coloring, glitter and olive oil.  Next time I will use mineral or vegetable oil because they are cheaper, but the oil was an afterthought so I grabbed what was closest.

Leave a little bit of air in the top so everything moves around nicely, then super glue the lids on.  The first thing she tried to do was unscrew the lid so I was very glad I remembered to glue them.

5 minutes is all you need to make these and they provide hours of enjoyment.

Once they are full and glued, all that’s left is to SHAKE ‘EM.

So much fun and it costs next to nothing.


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Popsicle Stick Bracelets

When I saw this pin on Pinterest for popsicle stick bracelets, I knew the boys and I had to try it.

First, I soaked them in my paper boiling pan overnight.  Once they were nice and pliable, I gently bent them into the smallest glasses I have.  There were plenty of fragile casualties as seen on the counter.

I let the wet sticks sit in their glasses for a whole day.

They are supposed to be cuff bracelets, but ours didn’t turn into cuffs.  Instead they were kind of half bracelets.  I think It was because the sticks I used were thinner and shorter than the ones from Pinterest.  The cuff bracelets would have been more successful with tongue depressors, I think.

Instead of starting the hole project over again, with different sticks, I improvised.

I dremeled holes in the ends of the sticks to lace embroidery floss through and the cuff problem was solved.

The boys colored them with sharpies.

I don’t know why Conrad and Jeremia look so unenthused.  I guess they just weren’t in smiling moods.

After they were all done coloring their sticks, I clear coated them with spray paint.  I did that because I’d gotten my prototype bracelet wet while wearing it and it started losing it’s curve.  The clear coat helps keep that from happening.

All in all it was a pretty simple and cute project.


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