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Random Photos

Just a bunch of random photos that have nothing to do with each other.


I like how the kids look like fire.  They were running in circles, creating a whirlpool.

Der dangling, just to see if he still could.

Piper “flying”.  Uncle Der would hold her in front of the vent so her hair would blow and we would all make flying noises.  It’s the simple things in life!

Waiting for swimming lessons to begin.  It sure was bright!

This may be a sign that we watch too much Judge Judy around here.  Jeremia drew up a contract for Conrad and him to sign.

It says, “This contract states that Conrad Petz will give me (Jeremia Petz) a Halo guy, if I shoot one bullet out of a Nerf gun, while standing up against a wall, but I have to hit the target on the other side of the room.”.

They even did thumbprints in red ink, not blood, thank goodness.  The Halo guy in question is under the signatures.

This, as I suspected, all ended in a fight.

Jeremia thinks he’s a cat.

A little something I made for my niece Cassie.  She’s going to be a mama any day now!  I can’t wait to meet little Sophia Christine!

A really cool window display at one of our local Bookman’s.

Just in case you haven’t seen the video this is based on, check it out…

Cool, no?!

Happy Friday everyone!



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Der set up the pool last weekend to the cheers of us all.

He couldn’t get the hose to stay in the pool, so the tree gave him a hand.

I do so love functional art.


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Fun Find

A whopping 3 bucks is what this cost me.

Not only is it cool looking, it’s fun to play with.  Now I just need to find a fun, brightly colored, vintage typewriter for cheap.  My eyes are pealed

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Animal Magnetism or Carnivorous Cats

Before I get to today’s post I want to let you all know that I’ve decided to extend the time limit you have to enter the sticker giveaway.  I added an update to yesterday’s post providing the deets, but here they are cut and pasted for your reading pleasure.

I’ve decided to extend the timeline for the sticker giveaway.  You now have until midnight, May 14th to enter.  This will allow late readers time to enter.  I’ll announce the wiener (snort, snort) Tuesday the 15th.   Don’t think that you can’t enter to win just because we know each other.  So far I know at least 50% of my readers on some level.  Some of you are old friends from school, some are cancer world friends, some are family-don’t let that stop you.  The winner will be chosen at random.   Oh and don’t worry, commenting doesn’t sign you up for mailing lists or any other such nonsense.  And free stuff is always awesome, soooo enter, enter, enter!

So you have no excuse, unless you just don’t like cool, one-of-a-kind stickers, for free?!?!?  Make sure your comment is left on yesterday’s post, not today’s.  And now that I am officially done harassing you, please enjoy today’s regularly scheduled post, already in progress. 😉

Animal Magnetism or Carnivorous Cats

It’s fledgling season and so we had a replay of one of last years posts where I was awoken in the wee hours of the morning by screams coming from my bathroom.  Yesterday morning was the same exact scenario, but this time the poor crying fledgling was a Curved Bill Thrasher.  We rescued it from the evildoer cats and set it in some well covered bushes out of our yard to be free and wild, but not before we took advantage of the amazing photo-op.

At first I thought the red between his beak and eye was a scratch, but he had it on both sides so I guess it’s just part of him.

If you look closely by the red marks you can see feathers that look just like black whiskers.

A kiss for good luck.  Conrad said, “I never kissed a bird before.”.

And he was off to make his way in the world, hopefully free of rotten cats.



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Ami loves to rearrange the fridge magnets into pictures for me.  This one made me smile.  I hope it does you too.


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A Walk With My Camera

When Der came home from work today, I seized the opportunity for a break.  I went for a walk.  Just me and my camera.  Here’s some of what I saw.

Wild daisies.

An ant-cano.

Bits of glass.

A lonely feather on the asphalt.

Palo verde tree blossoms.

A sea of yellow.

And when I came back from my walk decompressed, this is who I saw waiting for me.

It’s been a  few years since we’ve had a baby in the house.  She has been a pleasure and a joy, but one tends to forget how exhausting having a wee one around is.  I will soak her up while she’s here and rest when she goes back to her mama.


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Safety First

Conrad, all decked out in his safety gear, which is good since he can’t skate worth a lick.

Every time he straps his skates on, I think “he is young and agile, he’ll catch on quick” and every time he spends more time on his butt than on the skates.  We need to take them all to the skating rink so they can all have a go and seeing others skate successfully will help Conrad get an idea of what to do with his feet.  I would show him, but it hurts worse to fall when you’re a grownup, than it does when you’re a kid.

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